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My Unique Approach

Best practices.  Listening.  Getting things done.  Not necessarily a unique approach, but you would be amazed at how many web companies don’t do it. After we meet and finalize your goals, I go to work on your highest priorities, and get them done.  Most I can do myself.  Others may require coordinating and communicating with…
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A Simple Solution to Sync/Push your WordPress Website Info to a Mobile App

Mobile applications (or simply “apps”) represent the new way of user interaction with websites of all types. Any modern WordPress website should aim to have at least a mobile version of its content. The next step of involving users into your WordPress project is the creation and development of a mobile application. There is a…
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Best Practices in Covid-19 Vaccination Rollout Plans – 2021

In an effort to get our economy rolling again, and promote Social Rebounding, here is the best of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout plans, best practices, tips, tricks and mistakes all in one place. If you're on a Covid19 rollout team, the best practice is to build upon the successes and failures of these plans, and…
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