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Q?What are your roles and responsibilities?

My roles and responsibilities are different for every organization that hires me, and are set by you depending upon your current needs. 

I am qualified to perform a very wide variety of jobs, from hi-tech positions like Developer or Webmaster, to marketing based positions like SEO/PPC/Email/Analtyics Manager, to more strategic positions like Chief Web/Technology Officer or VP/Director of Digital Sales and Marketing. Simply share with me your requirements, and I will tell you if I can fill them.

Q?Does your title have to be “Chief Web Officer”?

No.  Every organization has a different need, which requires different skills and expertise.  The title you hire me for is fairly irrelevant as long as the role involves helping you reach your web and mobile goals.

Q?Where do you work from?

Where ever you want me to.  I currently do on-site high end web, mobile, marketing and technology consulting in Naples, Ft. Myers and Jacksonville Florida, Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  If you are not in those areas, I am VERY flexible and would consider other options like:

  • Effectively working on your project or position “remotely”, with on-site travel as needed to synchronize goals, priorities and dead lines.
  • Coming into the office full time, if you are located in the Naples, Jacksonville or Twin Cities areas.
  • Relocating to your location permanently (now that my kids are off to college, I would consider almost anywhere).
  • Relocating temporarily until you feel comfortable I am fully in sync with your goals, priorities, projects and/or to do’s.
  • Driving or flying in for a few days or weeks, then work remote via GoToMeetings, Skype, Face-time, email, cell phone, text messaging or which ever method you prefer to stay in sync.

Again I am VERY FLEXIBLE. What ever works for you will work for me, just ask!

Q?How much does it cost to hire you?

That of course depends upon what roles you need me to fill.  My min. salary requirement is $36,000 a year (with 3 month min.).  My preference is to wake up every morning and dedicate all my time and talent to making your company succeed.  If you are serious about improving your web and mobile business, then I suspect the salary will be fair.

It is also important to mention that if you are flexible in where I do your work, I am flexible in my salary. And finally I would consider W2, 1099, temp to perm, contract to perm or adding you as a client of mine.