My 3 Month Guarantee

After three months, I guarantee you will see the following results

  1. You will have a comprehensive, strategic web/e-marketing plan in place.
  2. You will have a professional, mobile device friendly website, in sync with your online goals.
  3. You will have improved communication between web/marketing teams, stakeholders and 3rd parties.
  4. Your website will be available and reliable, with 99% up-time.
  5. Google Analytics will be installed and tracking all website activity.
  6. SEO will be implemented and mission critical keywords identified.
  7. If preferred, PPC will be implemented.
  8. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social networking accounts will be setup and integrated, if applicable.
  9. You will be sending and tracking mass e-mailings, if preferred.
  10. Google Webmaster Tools will be setup and optimized.
  11. Other?  Let me know.