Technical Advisor or Consultant for Hire

Because you're a leader.  You understand to be successful you surround yourself with the best and the brightest.  You don't have the time or resources to do R3 (Research, Review and Recommend) and prefer to be rolling out solutions.

And you need someone you can trust! Someone who has integrity, tenacity and more experience than almost anyone on the planet (I have been surfing the web since it was invented, and literally have spent 50,000+ hours online). 

Do you need a strategy, plan or expert advice on:

  • Cloud implementation, migration or optimization?
  • Picking the best cloud provider (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, other)?
  • The best WebDev platform, framework, stack or technology?
  • The best AppDev platform, framework, stack or technology?
  • Leading edge, mobile first roadmap to 2021 and beyond?
  • How to best take advantage of 5G bandwidth?
  • Implementing drones in your business?
  • Taking advantage of self driving cars, trucks or other autonomous driving ideas?
  • Is edge computing, and the rapid evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), good for your business?
  • Can Distributed ledger technology (such as blockchain), Artificial intelligence (AI), extended Reality (including virtual and augmented reality), and Quantum computing (DARQ) improve you profits?
  • Need answers to other high tech or leading edge questions?

If you answered YES to any of these, let me dedicate my many years of experience and expertise to help you succeed, today!