As the Help Desk Manager at Adaptive Computing, I reported to Mr. Tronnier for over 2 years.


I can honestly say he was the best boss I have ever had. I enjoyed reporting to work as I knew he would do his best to be fair, challenge me, hold me accountable and nurture my professional growth with the demands and goals of our department.


I remember he had a plaque which legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi stated "Do your very best, and the rest will follow".  He followed that mantra every day, and I would highly recommend him to any company interested in true leadership.


Joe Adiutori, Former Help Desk Manager, Adaptive Computing Technologies, Inc.

I had the honor and pleasure to work with Paul at Adaptive Computing. As the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), reporting directly to the CEO, I was responsible for world-wide operations and building a sales team. Needless to say, Paul, our CIO, and I interacted daily.


From personal and daily experience, with much confidence, I can state that Paul is the ultimate team player. Whether working with the executive team, his staff, cross functional departments or clients and partners, Paul earned the respect from all.


His leadership skills, combined with his technology and communication skills, provided a rare blend that was very effective and appreciated. Layer the aforementioned with integrity, trustworthiness and tremendous work ethic, and you have the ultimate team player his next employer will be lucky to get!


Bruce Matter, Former Chief Revenue Officer, Adaptive Computing Technologies, Inc.

Paul is very dependable, hardworking and willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal.  He is always looking to see how things can be improved AND reduce overall cost. He is an impressive problem solver, never intimidated and able to address complex issues with strategy, reliability and accountability.


His knowledge of IT and Web best practices was a huge asset to our entire company, especially during the successful move of our datacenter from Provo UT to Naples Fl, along with leading the website and digital marketing strategy.


Along with his undeniable talent, Paul has always been an absolute joy to work with. He is an honest team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions.

I confidently recommend Paul to join your team as a dedicated and knowledgeable employee!

Mr. Richard Vance, Executive Vice President, Adaptive Computing Technologies, Inc.