SEO Best Practice for Beginners in Small or Medium Businesses (SMBs)

All SMB owners and marketing teams are busy, so here is a SEO best practice for SEO success in only 30 minutes a day.

Don't tell anyone my secret, but this SEO tool is one of the best for getting SMB SEO results.

Of course if you need advanced SEO best practices, or higher rankings on Google or other SERPs, let me know.

Introduction to SEO for Beginners

To those who're new to SEO, search engine optimization seems to be as complicated as rocket science.

But in reality, if you follow the guidelines and have the right SEO tools at hand, the whole process turns into a piece of cake.

This 30-day SEO best practice plan is designed for beginners in SEO and will help build up your website's SEO strategy from keywords to website audit to link building.

To make it easier for you to put learning into practice, the whole plan is broken down into smaller chunks by days. Each day, you'll be spending just 30 minutes on your website's SEO — an ideal option for those who don't have that much spare time.

As we don't want to overtask you during this course, so you get just one lesson each day in your inbox.

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