A Simple Solution to Sync/Push your WordPress Website Info to a Mobile App

Mobile applications (or simply “apps”) represent the new way of user interaction with websites of all types. Any modern WordPress website should aim to have at least a mobile version of its content. The next step of involving users into your WordPress project is the creation and development of a mobile application.

There is a strong trend of modern users` transition from desktop devices to mobile ones. In other words, people are using their smartphones and tablets more and more often to visit websites, read news, estimate and buy products and services, leave their comments and estimonials, and much more. Modern mobile devices are already providing users with all corresponding opportunities according to their demands. However, not all web projects appear to be ready for such changes. Is your WordPress website ready for them?

Most beginners in the field of WordPress website administration delay the development of mobile application for their project. This is an awful mistake to make, because the share of mobile users is always growing. It means you will constantly loose audience without a proper mobile application for your project.

The WPMobile.app solution gives WordPress website owners a path to convert their projects into mobile applications. The process is not so complicated as many WordPress website owners imagine. Their WordPress plugin and service are ready to do the most difficult parts of the work for you. And the best part is it's a affordable solution (1 time fee of approx. $175) for both iOS and Android.

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