Leading Edge Advice

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If you are looking for ideas to lead in the online experience, then you need someone with proven expertise in the leading-edge, outside-the-box ideas. I invented the following solutions to solve my clients needs:

January 2023 - One of the first to have test AI accounts with both ChatGPT from OpenAI and Bard from Google.  

2018 - I invented the Master IT file or "MIT file" to securely store and organize ALL an organization's hardware, software, license, website resources, passwords, etc. in one place, and finally solve management's queries like what do we own? where is it? who uses it? how much does it cost? and is it backed up?

2015 - I standardized on the "Welcome" webpage instead of the "Home" page, which millions now use as the best practice "front door experience" for users first meeting their brand.

2010 - As part of my "Fast Track" solution at my Affordable Websites company, I was one of the first to make use of 3rd party professional design templates. I invented GDWPTM, which combined GoDaddy, WordPress and TemplateMonster.com to provide a professional website in 2 weeks for $2K.

1996 - While at Walden University, I invented the "tabbed" web menu to replicate and organize the student's binder of Schedule, Financial Aid, Library, etc. online.

I have also implemented leading edge ideas using most of the top selling, proven solutions for the smartest businesses of today and tomorrow.  Let's discuss what solutions from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Salesforce, WordPress and others can do for you?

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