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2019 Best Practices in Linking Google Analytics and Ads

Linking analytics and ads: The solution to today’s marketing challenges.

Customers expect a lot now, so the best marketers are figuring out ways to anticipate customer intentions and meet these rising expectations. The brands that are growing are gaining a deeper understanding of today’s non-linear and fast-paced customer journey, and they’re using this knowledge to deliver relevant, personalized experiences.

Gone are the days of the traditional marketing funnel. While the funnel once
showed us how a customer would gradually narrow down their product
search along the path to purchase, this standard has changed. Or more
accurately, there is no standard path. Today’s customer journeys might
resemble anything from a pyramid to an hourglass — and according
to a study conducted by Google and Verto Analytics, no two journeys look
the same.1

Advances in digital technology and the ubiquity of mobile devices
have empowered customers. With mobile devices always at the ready,
consumers know they can get just the information they want instantly
and effortlessly. That’s why they’re researching extensively before making
purchases. This research isn’t limited to buying big, expensive items —
mobile searches for “best earbuds” have grown by over 130% over the past
two years.2

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knowl·edge 1. facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. 2. total awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation. in·no·va·tion 1. the action or process of innovating. 2. change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis, breakthrough, new measures, new methods,…
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