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Any Leadership Role

Are you looking to fill a leadership role with someone who can hit  the ground running and make an immediate impact?  I may be the perfect fit.

During multiple IT and web management positions I developed and demonstrated a wide range of skills above and beyond my technical prowess, that would be an asset to your company:

* I am an honest, hardworking, self-motivated person.
* I have critical thinking skills, including process re-engineering, troubleshooting and common sense solutions.
* I enjoy learning new challenges, and comprehend quickly and thoroughly.
* I am a positive, energetic leader who strongly believes in nurturing, efficiency, productivity and accountability.
* I enjoy meeting new people, and thrive in groups of any size.


The bottom line is that I am a results-oriented, proven leader with OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE in planning, developing, and implementing cutting-edge website, e-marketing, and other solutions that drive company goals and profits.

I have a successful record of leading technical teams through all stages of the product/project life-cycle, from determining and designing needs to allocating resources and determining optimal roll-out strategies.

I have a strong business acumen that enables the integration of business and technology principles to extend brand recognition through search, social media and pay-per-ad marketing.

I am a recognized expert in new web technologies and creatively solving complex technical problems.

But most importantly, I am a positive, energetic, enthusiastic person who is fun to work with.

Please call me NOW to discuss ANY open position you have at 239-537-4551

P.S. If you are thinking I am over qualified, or too technical for your position, please consider that my marketing, analytics and people skills can be successfully applied to ANY position or industry, including travel, hospitality and tourism.